Theorie U voor serieuze Business Development Service

Business Development in Impact Investing

Welcome at Coöperatie Duurzaam EnergieRijk UA

We offer (International) Business Development Services in Impact Investing (a.o. in Energy & Real Estate & Emerging Markets with Private Equity & Corporate Finance & Advisory boutique Xeon International (

Our vision:

"We live in a time of great transitions, since people around the world are experiencing a development from duality to oneness consciousness."

We contribute our bit to this development by showing that clean energy is within reach for everybody.

Our mission is therefore:

"Speeding up ecosystem restoration through Business Development in Impact Investing".

Let's co-create a new circular society with a healthy way of living in our joint eco-system at our beautiful planet earth and let's experience that we all form one unity.

With our years of experience with innovation and change management, we know that the world never stands still. In order to develop you must innovate continously. Are you innovating or standing still?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the right direction forward. The transition from a linear to a caring circular (cooperative) society is in full swing.

We help with a Theory U approach: with an open will, an open heart and an open mind.